What is the AEALAS Foundation? The AEALAS Foundation supports the mission of the Albert Einstein Academies for Letters, Arts and Sciences. The Foundation was created solely to raise funds for the schools through donations, grants and community partnerships.

Visit our FAQ page to see how funds are dispersed.


About Einstein Academy Offering a rigorous curriculum which seeks to prepare students for advanced post-secondary education and 21st century lives as members of a democratic society through an interdisciplinary education experience rich in exposure to foreign languages and culture, Einstein Academies are charting a new course in education.

Science and math are taught at the highest levels. The performing and visual arts are integrated into the curriculum. Students learn to read, write and speak with fluency in a foreign tongue. Class sizes are small and teachers engage students one-on-one. Critical thinking is the catch phrase and excellence is encouraged. Einstein Academies strive to educate the whole child — body, mind and spirit.

Einstein graduates continue to develop their knowledge and curiosity through a lifetime love of learning.

Einstein Academies emphasize raising proactive graduates equipped to be skilled leaders in the world who demonstrate absolute educational excellence. The curriculum is designed to provide students with tools to develop their intellectual, physical, technological and social competencies, allowing them to graduate with a deep understanding of the relationships among disciplines, and the ability to continuously expand their intellectual integrity and curiosity.

Einstein Academies are the only charter schools in the United States to offer Hebrew, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.